What is Tesla Semi Truck and what are its Effects in the Trucking Business

Tesla semi is Tesla’s an electric truck that was unveiled by Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors in November 2017. Tesla Semi Truck is Tesla’s first electric truck to be released by Tesla into the commercial trucking market. This is an electric truck that has a complete ‘autopilot’ system to aid in semi-automatic driving to improve safety and the entire driving experience for long-distance truck drivers.

With this innovation, Tesla claims that operators will save over $100,000 per year in fuel costs as they will have fewer systems to maintain than before. Tesla suggests that the chances of truck breakdown rates will also reduce dramatically.

Tesla Semi Truck is fitted with an electric battery that works like those of other Tesla vehicles powering the truck for a massive distance of between 300 and 500 miles between recharges. Due to the large size of the truck’s battery, it will be able to travel miles carrying luggage with minimal human supervision. The battery charges the truck up to 80% charge in 30 minutes. This way, Tesla makes sure that the battery charges to a substantial charge capacity within a 30-minutes stopover.

A few changes are expected in the trucking business with the introduction of the Tesla Semi Truck into the market. Although none of the effects is present up to now. Tesla Semi Truck is expected to be a game changer in the trucking business and the entire transport industry. The most obvious and beneficial effect will be the reduced costs for the trucks operators as they will have fewer operational costs than they currently do with the present trucks. On the other hand, drivers will lose jobs since the autonomous trucks require less human labor than the present trucks. Eventually, truck driving will lose its position as the most lucrative and easy to find job in the transport industry.

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