Best 2017 Truck in Australia


Trucks play a huge role in the economic growth of a country as they are used to most especially transport goods from their source to the market and also transport raw materials for processing in industries. Trucks are also used to distribute imported goods from the port to various parts of the country. Trucks also fill in the gap that the railway system is not able to fill. For sure, trucks do play a huge role in the economy of a country and no country would survive without trucks. But the article is not aimed at showing the significance of trucks but rather analyse the most popular trucks prime movers in Australia based on their sales and uses. Trucks can be divided into three categories: heavy-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks and light duty trucks.

The heavy-duty trucks are used to carry super heavy goods. The most dominating company in the production of this type of truck semi prime movers is the Kenworth company. As of 2017, the company had sold over 1,400 units. The company also enjoys an estimated 21% of the heavy duty semi truck prime movers. Volvo is the second company of trucks in this category. The enterprise had made sales of up to 1100 units with an estimated 16% market share. The 3rd leading firm in this category is the Isuzu company having sold over 900 units. The company enjoys a 13.8% market share in this category.

As for the medium-duty trucks, as the name suggests they have a limit to the number of tonnes they can carry. They can’t handle as many goods as the heavy duty trucks. In this category, the leading company in the manufacture of trucks semi prime movers is the Isuzu company. The syndicate enjoys approximately 43% of the market. It has also sold over 2200 units. The second establishment in this group is the Hino company. The firm has sold close to 1500 units and boasts up to 30% market value. The Hino company is followed by the Fuso trucks which have sold over 700 units and holds 15% of the market share.

Isuzu is still the leader in the light-duty trucks semi prime mover production. Isuzu has sold close to an amazing 3000 units with a market share of 38%. Isuzu is then followed by the Fuso group which has over 20% of the market share. The Fuso corporation has also sold close to 1600 units. The third brand is the Hino brand which has sold slightly over 1500 units and has about 19% of the market share.

When all the three categories are combined, Isuzu emerges to be the track powerhouse in Australia. This has been brought about by their specifications which are tailored to meet the Australian market needs and requirements. The brand's success has also been brought about by the popularity of the light and medium truck semi prime movers.

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